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Portus Cale Gold & Blue Candle

2 2301 PC Gold&Blue candle 1 900x900
C2 2301 05
C2 2301 01


Portus Cale Gold & Blue Candle

Beautiful hand poured aromatic candle that will delicately fragrance any space with the same perfume that characterises this collection, allowing you to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to being an elegant decorative element that perfectly matches any decoration, it also makes for a much-appreciated gift.

SCENTS: Pink pepper and Jasmine
Aromatic Candle
C2 1401 02

Portus Cale Butterflies Candle

2 1701 05

Portus Cale Black Edition Candle

C2 2001 05

Portus Cale Ruby Red Candle

PC Ruby Red Four Wick Candle 2 2024(3) 900x900

Portus Cale Ruby Red Four Wick Candle

2 2401 PC Noble Red candle CLEAR GLASS 3 900x900

Portus Cale Noble Red Candle - clear glass

C2 2402 03

Portus Cale Noble Red Candle - red glass

2 2326 PC Gold&Blue Tea Light Candles 1 900x900

Portus Cale Gold & Blue Fragranced candle set

C2 2201 02

Portus Cale Rosé Blush Candle

2 2626 PC Festive Blue Gift Set Candle 150g soap 1 900x900

Portus Cale Festive Blue soap and candle set

2 2602 PC Festive Blue CLEAR candle 2 900X900

Portus Cale Festive Blue Clear Candle

Castelbel Sardine Candle

Castelbel Sardine Candle

C0 2015 02

Castelbel Hey There New York Candle

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