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Portus Cale Butterflies fragrant sachet

portuscale butterflies sachet 2 1410 900x900
C2 1410 02


Portus Cale Butterflies fragrant sachet

With a high concentration of perfume, this fragrant sachet is manufactured with Portuguese cork and using a Castelbel exclusive technology that absorbs and releases the aroma in a slow and prolonged way. The satin ribbon is perfect to hang the sachet in the closet. However, it can also be used to fragrance suitcases, drawers or even your car.

SCENTS: Sugarcane and Lemongrass
Fragrant Sachet
2 2310 03

Portus Cale Gold & Blue fragrant sachet

C2 2010 01

Portus Cale Ruby Red fragrant sachet

C2 2410 02

Portus Cale Noble Red fragrant sachet

2 1710 04

Portus Cale Black Edition fragrant sachet

2 2610 PC Festive Blue Saqueta 1 900X900

Portus Cale Festive Blue fragrant sachet

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